Arby doesn’t only taste the best but also costs the best. Arby provides the most affordable and delicious food you can ever find in town. Arby has a special value menu where they provide all their affordable items. The menu has delicious varieties and all the food items that don’t cost much.

The Arby’s value menu is made by carefully choosing the delicious but affordable food items for every class to buy and enjoy.

Jr. Roast Beef – $1.19

Jr. roast beef tastes exactly like the regular roast beef sandwich, but the catch is that it is quite smaller than the regular one. You will have the same thinly sliced roast beef in a delicious sesame bun. The calories will be, of course, lower than the regular one.

Jr. Cheddar melt – $1.49

Jr cheddar melt is a very delicious and cheesy sandwich you can ask for. The sandwich consists of slow oven roasted ham with delicious cheddar melted all over it; this leisure is sandwiched between soft sesame buns. This sandwich will leave you in love with it.

The calories are lower in this sandwich; it only comprises 210 calories which rivals the Jr. Roast Beef.

Jr. Chicken – $1.49

Jr. chicken is a very delicious, all-white chicken patty with a lettuce leaf, mayonnaise, and sesame seed soft bun.

This sandwich is a delight with all these combos; you can’t ignore it. This sandwich has 310 calories, which is much to ask for at this price; enjoy your meal without worrying about value.

Jr. Deluxe – $1.39

Jr deluxe will remind you of everyone’s favorite slow oven-roasted sandwich, except that this sandwich has a lot more than meets the eye. It has tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise; all these ingredients also give it an entirely new taste and tend to increase the calories.

Value French Fries – $1.09

Everyone has their special value for French fries, but none of them will provide curly fries at this value. But fortunately, Arby does; Arby provides fresh and crispy curly fries at such a low price for everyone to enjoy.

These fries are so perfect that you can’t stop eating, especially at this price.

Value Drink – $1.09

It is always advisable to order a value drink as it is enough for one person. This value drink is not overloaded and has absolutely low calories compared to a large size. The value size of the drink is just perfect for you to enjoy with the meal and a little bit after it as well.

Arby gives a choice to choose from any of the drinks, and the calories will be about 130.

Jamaica shake – $1.09

Looking for a healthy but something strong to drink when you haven’t eaten anything and want a sweet treat, grab yourself a Jamaica shake to slay. This Jamaica shake is tasty, creamy, smooth, and sweet to give you the boost you need after you skip a meal.

The value size of the Jamaica shake is perfect as it is not too much nor too less; the quantity is perfect o provide the sweet and creamy drink when you have sweet cravings or want something to cover up your skipped meal.


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