Arby is the place where you can find delicious Gyros. The gyros are a delicious smoked and roasted beef in pita bread with some tomatoes, red onions, thinly sliced lettuce, cucumber, and tzatziki sauce. The tzatziki sauce is a yogurt-based sauce with Mediterranean seasoning and contains cucumber, making them the heroes of taste. The gyros are an absolutely delicious and unique food to enjoy. Arby’s Arby’s gyro price is not too high; it is affordable for everyone and very reasonable.

Gyro is introduced by the Greece city, and Arby decided to try it, but who knew everyone who loved it. Everyone loved this gyro as it was a delicious full meal that included beef and veggies in soft pita bread to give a new look with taste.

The abyss gyro menu has three delicious gyros, each with its own unique taste and flavor.

Roast Beef Gyro

This delicious gyro is full of thinly sliced roast and fresh beef veggies like tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, red onions, and cold, creamy tzatziki sauce. This tzatziki sauce is what makes it mouth-watering delicious, and tasty. The pita bread is soft, and the thinly sliced roast beef is just delicious. This gyro is an absolutely delicious treat that is much better than sandwiches.

Roast Turkey Gyro

Roast turkey slices in a Gyro sounds delicious, doesn’t it? You guessed it right; it tastes absolutely delicious when you add these tasty roast turkey slices to the soft pita bread and add fresh veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, red onions, and tzatziki sauce; this makes the amazing gyro. This gyro will be everyone’s taste hero. It is finger-licking good; believe me, you will love it!

Gyro Meat

If you prefer to have the original Gyro meat in your gyro, don’t worry; we got you. Gyro made from its classic meat includes ground beef, ground lamb, and tasty Mediterranean spices sprinkled to give the classic taste. The gyro has fresh veggies and traditional gyro meat with traditional tzatziki sauce, and enjoy the traditional Greece food. All this goodness is folded in warm, soft pita bread for you to enjoy.


Is the pita bread made from wheat flour?

No! it is made from pure, high-quality white flour and is soft and moist like bread.

What is Tzkziki sauce made up of?

The tzatziki sauce is a yogurt-based sauce with fresh cucumbers and delicious seasonings. This cold sauce is drizzled all over the gyro fillings to give them that gyro taste.

Is the Gyro spicy?

No! it is not spicy, but we can make it spicy for our spice lover customers. The Gyro is completely a mild food item for everyone to enjoy.

Is it Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?

No, the gyros are not for vegetarians. The gyros are full of meat and cheese, so it is a complete no for vegetarians. The vegetarians should try our fresh market category. We also provide vegetarian foods for vegetarian customers.

Is it available for a drive-thru?

Of course, the gyro is available for drive-thru. These gyros are also available for drive-thru for you to enjoy the food on the go. The gyro is served extremely hot for you to freshly eat it and enjoy the goodness.



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