Looking for something healthy to eat in Arby’s? Well, don’t worry, there are many options to choose from. Arby provides many healthy food items for their diet, cautious customers. Arby is indeed a well-known restaurant for beef and turkey, but it respects and cares a lot about its customers, so they decided to make a healthy Arby’s menu with all the healthy food items.

Healthy Sandwiches

  •  Arby’s Turkey Gyro
  •  Turkey Gyro
  •  Arby’s Jalapeno Bacon Ranch Wrap
  •  Jalapeno Bacon Ranch Wrap
  •  Arby’s Creamy Mediterranean Wrap
  •  Creamy Mediterranean Wrap
  •  Arby’s Classic Roast Chicken Sandwich
  •  Classic Roast Chicken Sandwich
  •  Arby’s Buffalo Roast Chicken Sandwich
  • Buffalo Roast Chicken Sandwich

Healthy Salads

  •  Arby’s Chopped Side Salad
  • Chopped Side Salad
  • Arby’s Roast Chicken Salad
  •  Roast Chicken Salad
  • Healthy Sides and Snacks
  •  Arby’s Gogol Squeezy Applesauce
  •  Gogol Squeezy Applesauce


Healthy Beverages

  •  Arby’s Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water
  • Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water
  •  Arby’s Gold Peak Iced Tea Small
  •  Gold Peak Iced Tea Small
  •  Arby’s Capri Sun Fruit Punch
  •  Capri Sun Fruit Punch
  •  Arby’s Low-fat Milk
  •  Low-fat Milk
  •  Arby’s Chocolate Milk
  •  Chocolate Milk
  •  Arby’s Small Coffee
  •  Small Coffee
  •  Arby’s Orange Juice
  •  Orange Juice

Healthy Breakfast Options

  •  Arby’s Ham, Egg & Cheese Wrap
  •  Ham, Egg & Cheese Wrap

Healthy Sauces and Condiments

  •  Arby’s Cheese Slice
  •  Cheese Slice
  •  Arby’s Light Italian Dressing
  •  Light Italian Dressing
  •  Arby’s Marinara Sauce
  •  Marinara Sauce

Healthy Sliders

  •  Arby’s Turkey Slider
  •  Turkey Slider


Which type of milk do you use for Milkshakes?

We use completely fresh, high-quality whole milk for an extra thicker and creamier texture. But we can also substitute it with 0% fat milk.

Do the Shakes taste too sweet?

No! they have the right amount of sweetness for everyone to enjoy.

What kind of cocoa powder do you use for your Chocolate Shake?

We use the highest and fine quality of Cocoa powder which is rich in taste.

What kind of coffee powder do you use for your Jamaica Shake?

We use the finest and high-quality ground coffee for our shakes to give a smoother and gainless texture.

Which kind of buns are used?

The buns are freshly baked and soft like clouds. The buns are baked early in the morning to keep them warm and super soft. The buns are made from whole wheat and are fully risen to give that fluffy texture.

Are the sliders spicy?

No, the sliders are not that spicy to get you annoyed, but it is mild just to enjoy. The jalapeno slider is spicy for spice lovers. The spice lovers will actually enjoy the jalapeno slider.

Is it available for drive-thru?

Of course, gluten-free items are available for drive-thru. These gluten-free items are also available for drive-thru for you to enjoy the food on the go. The items are served extremely hot for you to eat them and enjoy the best freshly.

All these foods are low on calories, right?

Yes, they are completely low on calories, and are that is why called healthy food items.


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