Sliders are one of the most liked and adored by Arby’s customers as they are completely light and delicious meals to enjoy. The sliders are made up of soft buns and stuffed with tender meat. All the slider meat is deliciously seasoned with exotic sauces.

Arby sliders have a variety to choose from. The sliders are stuffed with meat types like chicken, turkey, and beef. The sliders are saucy and cheesy with crunchy chicken to enhance the taste. Arby’s sliders menu is full of yummy sliders and tastes to enjoy.

Sliders Menu

  • Slider Buffalo

Buffalo Chicken Slider is the combination of soft slider buns stuffed with crispy large buffalo chicken pieces. The slider has a yummy and gooey sauce to enrich the flavor to enjoy.

300 calories maximum.

  • Slider Chicken

Chicken Slider is stuffed with a large crispy chickenin the softest slider bun. The slider’s chicken is accompanied by cheese for a cheesier and yummier punch. The slider is exotic and delicious.

270 calories

Slider Jalapeno Roast Beef

Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider is a perfect combo of roast beef with spicy jalapenos and rich sauce; the buns are soft and fresh and are a perfect go with roasted tender and juicy beef.

220 calories

Slider Roast Beef

Roast Beef Slider full of beefy goodness and cheesy taste to lighten up your mood and slider taste. The slider is filled with tender beef slices and a soft bun to make it a perfect meal to enjoy.

210 calories

  • Slider Turkey

Roast Turkey Slider with roasted turkey slices and cheesy texture for a fun twist. The turkey is roasted, and the cheese makes it yummier and gooey. The slices are all soft, tender, and seasoned.

180 calories


Which types of meat do you add to the slider?

The types of meat include beef, chicken, and turkey. The meats are all fresh and thoroughly cooked, and seasoned for extreme level perfection. The seasonings make it tastier and gooey with the exotic sauce and rich cheese.

Which kind of buns are used?

The buns are freshly baked and soft like clouds. The buns are baked early in the morning to keep them warm and super soft. The buns are made from whole wheat and are fully risen to give that fluffy texture.

Are the sliders spicy?

No, the sliders are not that spicy to get you annoyed, but it is mild to enjoy. The jalapeno slider is spicy for spice lovers. The spice lovers will actually enjoy the jalapeno slider.

Is it Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?

No, the sliders are not for vegetarians. The sliders are full of meat and cheese, so it is a complete no for vegetarians. The vegetarians should try our fresh market category. We also provide vegetarian foods for vegetarian customers.

Is it available for a drive-thru?

Of course, the slider is available for drive-thru. These sliders are also available for drive-thru for you to enjoy the food on the go. The slider is served extremely hot for you to eat and enjoy the goodness freshly.

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