Some food is so suitable, it cannot be bad. You may also have heard the expression, “There’s no such component as awful pizza.” The Reuben should be right up there with pizza.

The sandwich — corned pork, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing (or now and again Thousand Island) on grilled rye — manages to mixture complicated flavors perfectly (through Element 29 Deli).

The Reuben even received an Academy Award of kinds for sandwiches, taking first area in the National Sandwich Contest in 1956 (through The New York Times). It might be difficult to reduce to rubble a Reuben. Arby’s appears up to the assignment.

The Reuben has been on Arby’s menu because it turned into introduced in 2005 (thru Business Wire). Strangely, the short-food chain’s version of the deli traditional has gotten suitable critiques ever when you consider that.

A reviewer for the Houston Chronicle stated he preferred the Arby’s Reuben at the same time as admitting it became not organized the classic Reuben way. “Change is good,” the reviewer stated.

Dude Foods said the Arby’s Reuben became “quite correct” and a worthy alternative to proper deli sandwiches, however simplest if you’re in a hurry.

Joeys World Tour, a YouTube meals-evaluate channel, gave the sandwich an 8.Five out of 10, calling it “an appropriate sandwich for St. Patrick’s Day.

But Joseph Hernandez of “World Tour” repute quite an awful lot admitted inside the video that he’d in no way had a Reuben earlier than.

Arby’s Reuben has the wrong bread, incorrect dressing, and incorrect fee


Expert food critics apart, here’s what Arby’s receives incorrect with its Reuben. First, it’s now not greasy sufficient. The marbled rye is gently toasted when it ought to be grilled with mayonnaise. Ask any sandwich architect:

If you are going to heap on greasy, soggy ingredients like corned pork and sauerkraut, you want to bookend them with a company, crisp bread (thru A Little and a Lot). Arby’s rye is thick and airy, the opposite of what the Reuben revel in is meant to be.

Another thing: An actual Reuben requires Russian dressing, now not the Thousand Island observed inside the Arby’s version. Some decent Reuben recipes call for Thousand Island, however the original Reuben — an immediate ancestor of the one that won the massive award in 1956 — turned into made with Russian dressing.

Russian distinguishes itself from Thousand Island with horseradish and Worcestershire sauce (through Eater), which better complement corned red meat.


Our final quibble is with the rate. While $4.99 for a Reuben at Arby’s is cheaper than what a deli would charge you, it is now not fair to compare Arby’s to the actual issue (through Fast Food Menu Prices).

Better to length up the Arby’s Reuben in opposition to the chain’s other services. The Beef ‘n Cheddar won’t disappoint and charges most effective $3.99. If you really need a Reuben, discover your nearest deli or diner.



The Truth About Arby’s Roast Beef



Even if you have your favourite rapid meals burger, you need to admit: you may go anywhere for a burger. If you want something exclusive, head to Arby’s and pick up a few in their roast pork sandwiches. They’re delicious, however right here’s the factor: they’re bizarre.

Arby’s roast red meat has a quite one-of-a-kind taste and texture, and it is genuinely a love or hate form of component.

They built their complete commercial enterprise on roast red meat while others were courting the lowly hamburger, and it is set them aside for decades.

At the same time roast red meat has helped them build an empire, it is spawned quite a number city legends and myths, too.


And, through the years, their roast beef has been a piece of a trouble for them. They’re so famous for it that in step with AdWeek, it changed into on the heart in their slipping income within the twenty first century.

Customers didn’t recognize that they had some thing however roast pork, and that is a trouble that brought about a entire overhaul of Arby’s picture. But that roast pork is still there, and there’s a lot that most of the people do not know about it.

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